Ceramic Painting

Unleash your inner artist

Masterpiece by Me is a studio for everyone, not just artists. Our studio is the perfect place to come with your friends for a night out, a place to bring the kids, or even to come by yourself and just relax. We do birthday parties, team building, and many other events. We look forward to seeing creativity and artistic talent (and possibly a lack of), but most important of all: fun! We provide everyone with the right tools to have a blast, which usually aren’t much more than a piece of pottery, paint, and a couple of brushes. We hope to see you soon at Masterpiece by Me, everyone’s favourite pottery painting studio!Its a

Large Bisque Collection

Our bisque collection includes cups, bowls, plates, banks, licensed characters, dragons and Christmas items. We also have bisques such as ornaments and large platters, vases, and trays.

We have a large collection of stoneware bisques that includes mugs, plates, platters, pizza stones, pie and casserole dishes and other items. We believe pottery painting is for everyone, regardless of your budget and artistic ability, socome by and paint!

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